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  • FRP tile technology
  • FRP tile technology
  • FRP tile technology
FRP tile technologyFRP tile technologyFRP tile technology
I. hand paste process

1. Formula: (191 × 100 resin parts; 4 parts of cyclohexanone peroxide or 2 parts of methyl ethyl ketone, 1-4 parts of cobalt naphthenate solution, appropriate color paste.

2. Production method: cut the polyester film into a 2.1-meter-long and 1.1-meter-wide operation platform, lay a layer of polyester film, lay a layer of checkerboard on the film, then lay a layer of checkerboard on the checkerboard, then lay a thin film on the top, and then lay two layers of checkerboard on the film. In this way, many layers are laid repeatedly. After laying, the hand paste operation is carried out. The tank is taken out from the tank and the prepared rubber is poured on the top grid cloth. A large scraper is used to quickly and evenly expand the resin, and another polyester film is taken to cover it. Change a small scraper to scrape the bubbles in the checkerboard on the polyester sheet. When the checkerboard is all impregnated with the resin solution and the bubbles are all removed, the upper layer of the grid cloth will be sandwiched together and placed on a wave mold or other wave mould. The green glass FRP corrugated tile will be solidified before being solidified. After repeated operation, a number of glass tiles can be obtained. Each mold tile can be stacked with many new layers of tiles and then trimmed. Available for sale.

II. Pultrusion process

Key points for installation of glass fiber reinforced plastic daylighting tile:

After the completion of laying, the position of lighting board shall be reserved, and the construction shall be carried out from cornice to roof ridge gradually. The daylighting plate is directly buckled on the side wave peak of the steel plate.

The diameter of the pilot hole of the daylighting tile before fixing must be 6-9mm larger than the diameter of the fixing screw for the purpose of thermal expansion and cold contraction.

When the daylighting tile and steel plate are overlapped longitudinally, there must be a minimum overlap of 200 mm, and two Waterstops shall be pasted.

When fixing the daylighting tile, a good flashing washer must be used to make it between the screw and the daylighting plate, so as to prevent water and dust.

After the flashing washer is sleeved into the screw, the electric drill is used to lock it into the purlin to complete the fixation of the daylighting board.

During the construction of daylighting tile, it is forbidden to step on the wave crest directly to avoid the daylighting plate cracking. A 1200mmx300mm (length x width) anti-skid plank must be placed in the transverse position of the lighting board, and the guide hole and fixing screw of the lighting board must be stepped on it.
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