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Combustible content of glass fiber chopped mat

The manufacturing uniformity of chopped strand mat includes the uniformity of mass per unit area and the uniformity of binder distribution, which also reflect the technological level of felt making. Generally speaking, the combustible content of chopped felt actually includes the sum of the sizing agent added in the drawing process and the binder added in the felt making process. The content of sizing agent in glass fiber is generally about 1%, and the distribution is relatively uniform. In the felting process, the content and uniformity of binder are mainly controlled. Foreign manufacturers have made quite strict requirements on the uniformity of the content of kugelling agent. At the same time, the tolerance of the average value and the single value of the combustible content is stipulated. Based on the principle of actively relying on foreign advanced standards, and considering the actual manufacturing level of domestic chopped felt and the requirements of enterprise standards, in this standard, the average value and range are used to control the content and uniformity of combustible materials respectively. The standard stipulates that the combustible content is 2.0% - 8.0%, and the range is less than 6.0%. After verification, the index is appropriate and reasonable.

In the verification test, it is found that the fuel content is not uniform in both sides and in the middle of the felt. In addition, the size of the sample also has a great influence on the test results. If the sample is large, the uniformity of the test is good, but the sample is small and the uniformity is poor. Therefore, the selection of test samples, the size and quantity of samples are specified in the standard, so as to reduce the inconsistency of test results caused by the inconsistency of sample selection and sample size.



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